Updated 15th of March 2022


Cardamun is a sweet & savoury token launched on Cardano at the beginning of 2022.

Our aim is to provide a fun and approachable way for users to discover and learn about decentralized finance, NFTs, the Cardano ecosystem, and more.

For us, this is first and foremost a passion project. We try to steer clear of the usual cryptospace tropes. Whatever happens, happens.

By leveraging the MUN token and our background in design we would like to create an ecosystem of learning tools and guides that onboard fresh users to the DeFi space.

First Steps

We like to keep things simple and start small.

We will continuously update the Paper as the project develops and ideas are expanded.

We are a group of friends with a design-centric background. Some of us have been in the crypto space since 2013 although not actively involved in it.

We're by no means blockchain professionals, but we have a good understanding of the technology. We think of MUN as a fun learning experience, for the community but also for ourselves.

To get a better idea of our vision we recommend also reading our introductory post on Medium.

Roadmap Recipe

  • “Gingermuns” NFT series - Check Discord for teasers and progress!
  • Website redesign
  • Curated NTFs - Onboarding new artists and expanding our NFT selection
  • DeFi learning platform - Incentivised with MUN tokens

Early-Bird Terms & Conditions

Rewards can be claimed once per month, for as many months as the Early Bird distribution lasts.

We have not announced an end date, but supply is limited and we may stop or reduce the giveaway depending on demand.

Early bird claims require sending exactly 2.5 ADA to our distribution wallet address. This is necessary for transaction fees as well as the minimum UTxO amount required for token transactions on Cardano.

~1.34 ADA will be refunded to the address from which the claim has been sent.

The remaining ~0.9 ADA will be collected and used for DEX liquidity.

We check for abusive claims and ADA sent will be refunded minus the Tx fees. If an abusive claim is attempted repeatedly we will consider it a donation.

To ensure a fair distribution we decided on a few specific requirements:

  • Users that claim the reward must use use a non-custodial wallet, meaning that they should have their ADA in a wallet such as Daedalus, Yoroi or any other wallet that supports tokens.
  • The claim address must have ADA staked with any pool. Claims from addresses with no staked ADA will be disregarded and refunded within 72H minus the Tx fees. Repeated claims from the same non-staked addresses will be considered donations.
  • ADA sent to us from exchange addresses will be disregarded. Any tokens we try to send to a user’s exchange address will almost certainly be lost or ignored by the exchange.


We recommend that anyone interested in our token should do their own due diligence before making ANY investment decision.

Cardamun is not an investment and we will never make any claims, promises or guarantees about current or future valuations.

There is no guarantee that any features or utility described in this Paper will be delivered or realised.

While we do keep some ADA amount after each claim this should NOT be considered payment for the tokens. By claiming our token drop you agree that you are not purchasing a secured investment, that the team is not required to provide any additional services or support and you hereby expressly waive any and all claims against the team.

Make sure you are in compliance with your national and local laws and any crypto regulations in effect.

DEX Listing

We're in no rush to list MUN. Our initial distribution campaign is still ongoing.

We were initially looking at a listing on SundaeSwap with ErgoDEX (ADA) to follow at a later date.

We are closely following the development and progress of other Cardano DEXes such as Maladex, MinSwap, Muesliswap, and others.

When the time is right we will lock the majority of tokens in DEX pools and provide proof of locking the resulting LP tokens.

For now our focus is on distribution, community, and marketing.

Token Distribution

The total supply of Cardamun tokens is set to 8 billion.

No additional MUN tokens can be minted.

The team holds 9% of these tokens.

67% of tokens will be locked in DEXes.

12% of tokens will be reserved for future funding. These tokens will be used for additional distribution and for funding Cardamun related projects and giveaways.

And finally, the remaining 12% represents the fund wallet used for the initial distribution campaign currently ongoing.

We do not have any plans for OTC trading of our tokens to investors.

Communication & Updates

Our main channel of communication is our Discord server. Please join here.

On our Discord you will be able to find information that is even more up to date than this paper and engage directly with the team and other members of the community.



Known Wallets