Bringing the cardamom flavour to Cardano

Rewards are manually reviewed and may take up to 48H to arrive.

Please read the giveaway rules & requirements.

How it works

Complete the claim by sending exactly 2.5 ADA to the address below.

This covers Tx fees as well as the minimum UTxO amount required for token transactions on Cardano.

Rewards can be claimed once per month, for as many months as the Early Bird distribution lasts.

~1.34 ADA will be returned to you with the MUN tokens.

Remaining ~0.9 ADA will be collected and used as liquidity.

Abusive or ineligible claims will be refunded within 72H minus the Tx fees. If an abusive claim is attempted again we will consider it a donation.


  • Please go over our paper and read the giveaway terms.

  • Must use Daedalus, Yoroi or any other wallet with token support

  • Must have ADA staked with a pool of your choice

  • Reward usually arrives in 24H but may take up to 48H in rare cases

Initial Token Distribution

Token Distribution

Total supply: 8,000,000,000 MUN

  • 67% - DEX Liquidity

  • 12% - Early Bird, Giveaways & Public Distribution

  • 12% - Treasury

  • 9% - Team Tokens